Feeling at home!

58 In our tent borrowed from Martin Burton

I have not blogged for nearly 2 months, it has been busy settling into our new home and I have been visiting members and attenders of the congregation and didn’t want to make them the subject of my blogging! I don’t want to stop blogging entirely though as it helps me to reflect and keeps me in touch with friends near and far.

Lots of new things recently, new kitchen, new car, new sofa, as well as lots of new names to remember! I have really enjoyed getting to know the people in the congregation and have nearly visited them all now! I perhaps crammed too many visits into some days, but it has been worth it! I am not going to tell you about the people and their conversations with me, but I can genuinely say I found it interesting and  you would be surprised what some people have gone through in their lives!

I haven’t been reading as much as usual due to all the visiting and preparing two sermons each week, but a couple of books I would flag up are Pub Theology by Bryan Berghoef and The Beer Drinker’s Guide to God by William Miller, you can see a theme developing here!!! I am interested in the idea of using pubs as a venue for theological discussions! Watch this space!!!

I have been along to watch Northampton Town twice, first of all, we lost to Orient 1-0 and then we beat Mansfield 1-0, the first game someone offered me a free ticket as I queued up to buy one and the second game a friend from church had a free ticket, so I have yet to pay to see them which has been a blessing!

The photo above is us in a borrowed tent at Greenbelt, it’s new venue is only 17 miles down the road or 30 mins in the car, but we camped nevertheless and loved it! One of the best things about being back in the UK is being able to go to Greenbelt, I did miss it when in Nicaragua! The weather was pretty good apart from Monday when it rained all day, but with a decent waterproof and wellies you can do it!!! The highlights are too many to list, but seminar wise Alistair McIntosh, John Bell and Brian Mclaren were great and on the music front Sinead O’connor was a joy and Grace Petrie a new discovery for me. Jonny and the Baptists were hilarious and had Jodie and I splitting our sides, check them out live, on the radio or youtube

Go well and will try and blog sooner next time, love Stu x



2 thoughts on “Feeling at home!

  1. Trevor says:

    I discovered Grace Petrie at Greenbelt 2012, and saw here again in 2013. Didn’t catch her this year. Good stuff, thought not what I’d listen to regularly. Jonny and the Baptists were genius.

  2. Trevor says:

    PS: I see you’ve finally changed the title of your blog. :o)

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